What do I wear?!

I get this question so often, I wrote a blog Post about it - check it out! And if you still have questions, I'm happy to help!

Printing & Digital Files

You get all your photos as high resolution files because let’s face it, you’re going to put them on Facebook, Instagram, etc. and you should because your pictures are wonderful and I want you to share them with the world!

Now of course is when you ask, “Well what about when I want to print them?” I give every client a Print Release with their files so they can print them to their heart's content.

But there's something you should be aware of; there’s a HUGE difference between a Costco/CVS/Walgreens print and a professional photo lab print. Does the professional one cost more? Absolutely and it’s freaking worth it. The difference is not just visual, but palpable. I work with some of the best labs for albums and prints because my Clients deserve nothing less.

I'll also perform additional, detailed editing on any 8x12" or larger print you purchase through me. Check out "How Editing Works" just below for more information regarding my editing process.

You can also read this POST about the advantages of printing vs just saving digital files.

What should I expect to spend?

My wedding packages range from $3,000 to $5,750 with most couples spending around $4,500. 

My portrait sessions start at $250 and most clients spend closer to $350. 

How do I get my images?

After a session you get all the edited images! Each session is placed on a personal, online gallery where you can download your images. They're available at full resolution, are unwatermarked, and come with a signed Print Release (which means you can print your images on your own at any lab). Prints can also be ordered through the same online gallery. Prints are available as canvas, metal, or traditional lustre paper types. 

Interested in albums or folio boxes? Just ask!

How does editing work?

Every single image receives global editing AKA overall exposure, contrast, color, etc. I don't edit every single image on a pixel level because then you'd never get your images! It takes a long time to perform that level of editing. 

I do however, further edit any photo you have me print at a scale larger than an 8x12" because that's when you'll notice that stray water bottle or zit. At smaller print sizes, those "eye-sores" are so minuscule that no one will notice, so they don't require such intense editing. 

How do wedding packages work?

I offer three levels of wedding packages, each with various included items and hours of coverage. I know that pre-set packages don't always fit exactly what my couples are looking for, so I offer the ability to completely customize existing packages or start from the ground up with a la carte pricing. I want to make sure my couples get exactly what they need for their big day.