Will and Shae's Wedding at Cator Woolford Gardens

So. Much. Fun.

Seriously, this wedding was such a blast. Shae and Will were very laid back, super goofy, and just great to work with. Honestly, the entire wedding may have been one of the most laid back events I’ve ever shot. It was a gorgeous day that at one point threatened to rain, but just like everyone else, it cooperated and everything went incredibly well.

One of my favorite images from they day was when my buddy wanted to do a shot of the kids throwing flowers in the air and onto the bride and groom.


Four kids. All between the ages of 4 and 8.

You do the math.

Needless to say, thank goodness for 6 frames per second and Photoshop. Below are all the separate images followed by the final composited image. I’d say it worked out well!

I had such a great time shooting this wedding. Everyone was wonderful, and we got several compliments throughout the day. I hope I shoot more weddings like this one!

Below are my favorite images from the day. 

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