Savannah & Craig's Roswell Engagement Session

This may be one of my favorite engagement sessions I’ve done to date. I loved working with Savannah and Craig! They were so damn goofy and fun! Savannah is one of my best friends and my roommate, and I think the world of Craig, so having the opportunity to do their engagement session was a gift unto itself.

There are several images from this session that have great stories and moments behind them.

The first image was the Save The Date. I love this shot for two major reasons. Savannah and I are huge Dr. Who fans and the ring box is a Tardis. Win. The other element is that the Tardis was propped up on an Anheuser Busch beer crate. I think Savannah and Craig’s priorities are straight.


Again, goofy.

Savannah and Craig had just picked their reception venue, Old Founder’s Hall in Roswell, GA, that afternoon and the location was generous enough to let us shoot there right before another party was arriving. I love this location because there’s a gorgeous bar inside. This image was a pain because I had to move the plant, my lightstand, and myself all relative to each other to hide the giant flash reflection in the mirror to camera right, but it was so worth it. Once I figured it out and showed Craig and Savannah the look, Savannah’s eyes lit up and she yelled, “Craig, Power Couple! GO!” which led to this pose. I love it.


Being roommates and buddies, Savannah and I clearly have a well established level of trust. At our next location, a bridge at Roswell Mill, I had just set up my lighting and was about to tell Savannah and Craig to get into a pose when Savannah mouthed to me, “Get ready.” Not knowing what evil she had planned, I threw the camera into AI Servo (Continuous focus), aimed the camera at Craig and nearly fell over laughing when Savannah jumped on his back for a surprise piggy-back. Craig’s face was priceless.


Remember the Anheuser Busch box defining their affinity for beer? Well, Savannah and Craig wanted some pictures of them sitting back and enjoying a few cold ones. We got some shots and then they said, “Okay, we need to chug these so we can move on.” Evil, brilliant ideas pop into my head. “Okay! Sit here and do THIS.” Well, Savannah won the chugging contest and I think the image sequence captured the story perfectly.


Finally, we headed back to downtown Roswell for some more images before grabbing dinner. We found a “tent” made up of Christmas lights and I had to stand there for a moment and figure out how to shoot it. Savannah and Craig were discussing the next spot when Savannah said something to the effect of, “If Mike just takes the good pictures we can move on faster.”

Craig and I exploded with laughter at the misinterpreted insinuation, and thus let it become a running joke for the rest of the night about my failure to take “the Good Pictures.” Fun clients translate to great sessions. The perk of these images was that my Canon 5D3 and Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art handled the low light incredibly well and we got some freaking cool shots.


I am so excited and happy for these two! It’s going to be an awesome wedding and I’m sure their future together is going to be filled with laughs, goofiness, and more. Congratulations Savannah and Craig!

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