Planning Ahead with the Wedding Dress

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I'm a very lucky guy. Actually, that really doesn't even come close to covering it. Through several faults of my own, I managed to get a girlfriend that is absolutely incredible. Besides the fact that she's a great partner, I also got stupid lucky with the fact that she's a stylist at a local wedding dress shop.  

The things that I have learned.....

First off, her stories of brides and bridesmaids put mine to shame. Yes, I'll admit it - not every wedding is amazing or has incredible people. Stuff happens and I do my best not to be one of those things that go wrong. Anyways, about 75% of my girlfriend's stories involve the same theme: "A bride or bridesmaid walked into my store today and needed to buy a dress. The wedding is tomorrow."

mike glatzer wedding photography atlanta georgia bride dress gown veil

As an uneducated male working in a niche that seems to be dominated by women, or at least feminine aspects, I had no idea the amount of time that went into buying not just wedding dresses, but all the other accessories as well. Through a quick Google search, I realized that the time between ordering a wearable wedding item and it arriving for pick up is not common knowledge AT ALL. So I asked my super secret informant for the details and came up with a quick table for reference. 

Yeah, I was shocked. Hopefully, most of you are going, "Whew, I got this," and not, "F*&K!!!!"

And for those of you who want to save this table, I've saved it as a PDF so you can pull it up whenever you need.

Click here to download the PDF.

I hope this is enlightening for those of you who are newly engaged, crossing your fingers, or thinking of popping the question. Guys, if you give this list to your fiance, I bet you'll earn some brownie points. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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