A Marietta Theater Wedding with Mike Glatzer Photography


     It is most definitely wedding season. I’ve worked 3 weddings in the span of 5 weeks, and I’ve been loving it! This last one was gorgeous because we got to shoot at the Strand Theater of Marietta Square.

    One peculiarity of this wedding was that it was on a Wednesday. Not the typical deal, but it worked out really well. The weather was excellent, and of course the venue was fantastic. Well, mostly fantastic. The big issue was that it was really, really dark in the theater itself during the ceremony. Thank goodness for fast primes and powerful camera sensors! My 5D Mark IIIs with 35mm and 85mm primes set to f/2 at 6400 ISO were just enough to capture everything without a flash. I’m not a fan of using flash before the ceremony, and with the mixed lighting it would have been weird regardless. Better to have consistent lighting so I could keep my images in color vs having to convert them all to black and white! Yes, photographers do that to help save our butts, and also because black and white looks amazing.


     The stage had wonderful lighting for the wedding ceremony, and I made sure to take full advantage of it! Chase and Karly were an adorable couple who were constantly laughing and smiling. It always makes my job super easy when the couple is having a good time and we can all relax and joke through taking images. That all culminated when Karly announced that she’s, “never been good at being photographrified.” I nearly fell on the floor I was laughing so hard. Both of their families were a riot and made shooting the entire evening enjoyable as a wedding photographer. With the ceremony over, we moved up to the roof for the reception, which was more fantastic shooting.

    My favorite moment may have been when the bride’s mother gave Karly a pair of white converse to dance in. Karly dropped about 3 inches and looked way more comfortable as she stepped onto the balcony and the dance floor. Seriously ladies, I don’t know how you stand wearing heels!

     I really enjoyed this wedding. It was short, sweet, and full of great moments. I think everyone had a wonderful time and from what I hear, they liked the images too!

Check out the Strand Theater here if you’re interested in having a theater wedding!

Mike Glatzer

Mike Glatzer Photography, Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States