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Jessica & Ryan's Bahama Cruise Wedding


Vacation combined with work? Blasphemy I tell you! But wait, it’s true!

I got a call last October asking if I’d be willing to shoot a cruise-based wedding in the Bahamas. Um, DUH! So naturally I said yes and got the bride’s contact info. What resulted was one of the most fun, week long photo sessions I could have asked for!

Ryan and Jessica are wonderful people, no questions or doubts in my mind. It was immediately obvious when I did their engagement photos. Jessica is a super energetic elementary school teacher and Ryan is Mr. Laid-back and cool. Opposites attract, right? I was very thankful that while I was talking them through the photography process, they reciprocated with what to expect on the cruise. I’d never been on a cruise before; it worked out great!

Every time I met with Jessica and Ryan, it was like talking with two good friends. What I really appreciated was not only were they friendly, welcoming, and kind, but their friends and families were exactly the same. Everyone on the cruise always checked that I was enjoying the trip, having a good time, and getting enough time to myself; not just taking pictures. I’m still floored by the experience and thanked them almost as much as they thanked me for the photos!

I got great images for this wedding. I know it and the pictures speak to it. The biggest takeaway for me though was how wonderful it was to be surrounded by clients who actually cared about their vendor. As a major thank you, I sent Ryan and Jessica a free 11x14” canvas print as a housewarming gift for their new home.

Cruises aren’t my thing, but working with fun and caring people definitely is.

Side note - The ceremony took place at Key West, Florida and had a package photographer. Because of that, I wasn’t allowed to roam around to take pictures; so I had to sit on the aisle and pretend to be a guest. I also couldn’t do formal portraits on the beach. Regardless, I kept on firing away with my shutter. I just tried to be incognito about it.

My favorite part about weddings are the stories; the love stories, the comedy routines, the occasional lucky break, the ones I see, and the ones I get to be a part of. It makes each one fresh and amazing. I’ll always be thankful that a couple and a new family let me into a chapter of their lives for one incredible day.

P.S. Big thanks to my friend Chloe for joining me and acting as my impromptu lightstand all week! I hope the cruise was a sufficient exchange!

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