Jenn & Chris's Wedding at Barnsley Gardens


Please sir, I want some more! If every wedding could be like this one, I’d swear I was living a dream. Jennifer and Chris’s wedding was absolutely fantastic and I am so excited to share their photos.

I’ve known Jenn and her family since high school. We did chorus and several musicals together, which for those of you who don’t know, will make any group of people feel like family. I jumped at the opportunity when she and Chris approached me to shoot their wedding, especially when I checked out their venue.

Holy crap, Barnsley Gardens is magical. If you get the chance to shoot there or just hang out there for a weekend as a mini-vacation, DO IT.

What made this wedding so wonderful was that it flowed with no shenanigans, no drama, and no “WTF!?!?!” moments. Even better, everyone was just amazing. The staff at Barnsley Gardens is warm, welcoming, and helpful. Jenn and Chris’s friends and family are super easy going, hilarious, nerdy, and amiable. As usual, I loved shooting the wedding of a friend because there was no awkwardness to overcome. Working with friends, while potentially tricky, has the upside of already being acquainted, knowing what jokes to crack, and how all the dynamics work. Put all that together and you get a fun and enjoyable wedding. That Saturday was another amazing day I got to share with people I care about. I couldn’t have asked for more.

The vendors were also top-notch. Joel Rabe of Lethal Rhythms Entertainment played arguably the best reception I’ve ever been part of, and Laura Burchfield of Elle Planning + Events had the day moving like clockwork. Marlene and Faith from Brushworx Hair & Make-up did a wonderful job getting the ladies dolled up and laughing all morning. Heather & Eva of Tulip created some amazing floral arrangements. I’m going to emphatically recommend these vendors to anyone willing to listen. They flat-out rocked.

Big shout out to Jonathan Staves, my second shooter, for helping me throughout the day!

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