"It's Gonna Be May" Wedding with Kelly & Bill


It’s always a blast to get to catch up with high school friends. It’s even better when it’s their wedding and I get hired to shoot it! It’s been a long time coming for Kelly and Bill and I’m so thankful to finally see them start their new journey together. The big day wasn’t without it’s share of hilarious and awkward moments though.

Getting married at a Catholic church, you would think it’d be rather G-rated and predictable. That’s how it started out until the priest started telling Bill, “You know, Kelly has been dreaming about this day for her entire life.” And then he looked at Kelly and began a speech that was filled with fits of giggles and hushed chuckles by the attending guests. The reason it was so funny and utterly mortifying? “Kelly, this is the night that Bill has been dreaming about for his entire life.” It all went downhill from there with our minds in the gutter for Ten. Straight. Minutes. Believe me, the priest was indeed talking the entire time about rocking that marriage bed.

This became a running joke, such that the wedding chant of the evening was, “Hom-i-ly! Hom-i-ly! Hom-i-ly!” For those who don’t know, the Homily is the portion of the Catholic mass where the priest gives his individual sermon.

There were so many fantastic moments filled with great puns and wordplay, catching up with old friends, and a bridesmaid that should try out for the WNBA her vertical leap is so high (she got that bouquet alright). I’ll always be thankful for the people I meet on these incredible days and the opportunity to be a part of their story.

Huge shout out to Courtney Lacey, the wedding planner, and her team for managing a very hectic day, and a major thank you to my second shooter, Jonathan Staves, for helping me get all the angles I just can’t reach.

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