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Big Hair? What?

There are some things that just flat out baffle me:

  • Why do you drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?
  • Why do dentists insist on talking to me while they have my mouth preoccupied with their fingers and metal instruments?
  • Why are boxing rings square?
  • Why did Apple have to go full evil-genius and make the design decision to solder all it’s components so that you can’t upgrade their computers post-purchase?
  • Why is it that clients with the lowest budgets are the ones who want to pay less but request more, every single time?
  • Why can’t actor headshots have similar requirements between studios?!
  • Why the hell aren’t camera sensors and viewfinders the same aspect ratio as common print sizes!?!?!?


Clearly I have no strong feelings about these.

The last two really bugged me on a recent shoot with Elena, whom you may have seen in a recent competition I held here.

I’ve worked with Elena before in two musicals with ACT1 Theater. She’s brilliant with puns & playing on words, is an incredibly talented dancer and actress, and made me hate myself during every single rehearsal warm-up stretch. She’s currently a senior in high school and is starting the insane process of auditioning all over for musical theater programs at various colleges. The curious thing however, is that a few schools and agencies wanted very particular looks, which I’ll explain in a moment.

The first look was studio style, which was pretty easy. We just found a blank wall and I sat Elena on a stool, and then set up two 24x24” softboxes - one as the main light about 45° to Elena’s left, and the other as the rim at about 120° and a few feet off to Elena’s right. The result - some really nice lighting.

But then the curve ball - One of the studios wanted big, fluffy hair.

What? Did we suddenly take a trip back to the 80’s?

Who does that?!

Personally, I think it’s an excuse for that studio’s retoucher to avoid having to photoshop the hell out of crazy, curly hair. It’s a royal pain - let me tell ya. What’s even better, the studio didn’t give Elena any examples of the big hair they wanted. What a bunch of peaches, eh?

To get the hair extra poofy, I told Elena to go full death-metal head banger for a minute and then to channel her inner Mufasa. Be the Mane!


I have no clue if we will satisfy that studio’s desires, but it sure was fun trying to pull it off! Below are the top shots from our session.

Break a leg on your auditions, Elena! Can’t wait to hear where you end up!

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