An Afternoon with Ty

Mike Glatzer Photography-Ty Autry - Old Fourth Ward Park - Midtown - Atlanta - Georgia - Portrait - High Speed Sync - Flash-2015-06-19-0040

     I try not to be spiteful or vengeful and being passive aggressive is no way to go through life. But when a friend shows me pictures someone else has taken of them and asks me to help them with a “redo,” I gotta admit, I really look forward it.

     A good buddy of mine, Ty, had gotten some shots for a local magazine through one of their hired photographers. When I asked Ty a few weeks afterwards how the images came out, he gave me an incredibly dark look and said, “See for yourself.”

     This is the part where I refrain from talking down about the original photos. We’ll chalk it up to this: I wasn’t a fan of some of the photographer’s choices.

     Ty was really excited about these images. The lead up to the original shoot was like watching a kid waiting for Christmas Day, so I knew he was really bummed to get the shots he did. As I was reviewing the pictures, he was huffing and puffing and sighing and commenting about his disappointment. Finally he said, “I’m really pissed about these photos. I know you could do so much better - would you please help me redo them?”

“Yeah absolutely! I was actually going to ask if you wanted me to. Let’s pick a day and do it!”

     I think it took us 4 months to finally set up a date. We finally ended up with a gorgeous Friday evening in Old Fourth Ward Park of Midtown Atlanta and the kitchen of my apartment. I prefer location shooting to studios. The lighting is way more difficult (which I think is more fun), it’s typically free vs renting space, and I think you can tell a better story if you find the right spot. As part of my recent goals, I made sure to push myself technically with these images.

     The shoot itself was great; Ty has a lot of trust in me and allows me to take my time to really nail images. He’ll also give me crap when I make a small mental snafu, like turn off my flash and then wonder why it’s not firing, which devolves into laughter and jokes from there. Sometimes just having fun with someone I’m working with is better and more rewarding than the images I take home. I’m glad to say I was rewarded twice over because Ty and I both loved the portraits I captured as well as had a good time.

I think, “Damn, you are good,” was how Ty described them to me. #noshame

     I’m happy to present these portraits as a welcome addition to my portfolio for Mike Glatzer Photography. Most of all, I’m thrilled that Ty finally got the images he wanted.

Ty is an Atlanta Actor, Georgia Tech Electrical Engineering alum, and Social Media consultant. Check out his website here and check out him out on Instagram!


     Check back soon for my next blog post! I’ll be recounting my evening spent shooting a wedding for the wonderful bride and groom, Katherine and Ryan, at Ventanas.

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