Ali & Rob's Sundy House Wedding


I love destination weddings. If not for the purely selfish reason that I’m a wannabe travel junkie, then because the venues and events are always incredible. This wedding was no exception, and I had such a great time! Ali and Rob organized an amazing weekend of fun, family, and love. Side note: Anyone other than me upset that I couldn’t finish that list of alliteration?

I’m incredibly thankful for Ali’s parents’ invite to the rehearsal dinner. The food was fantastic, and everyone was incredibly welcoming. I was treated like a family friend from the outset, and I’m so appreciative of that. The best part though was the after party -

Ali and Rob rented event space at the Silverball Museum.

To those with raised eyebrows of curiosity, the Silverball Museum is a pinball arcade museum AKA I played Galaga, Asteroid, and Temple of Doom Pinball until my hands hurt.

It. Was. Awesome.

Saturday was the big day, and the venue, Sundy House, is gorgeous! Serving  as a hotel, restaurant, and event space, it’s like a tropical jungle tucked away in the middle of suburbia - absolutely unreal. I started off with the guys, which was total debauchery from the start. All the guys decided to strut around in the hotel supplied robes and there were jokes all around. They gave Rob a custom tequila bottle named Senior Tortilla, and to do it justice, I used my MagMod modifiers to do a quick product shot.

Arguably the funniest moment of the morning was having the father of the groom show 3 groomsmen how to tie their ties. This group of mid-20 year olds were so lost that Robert had to actually do each one for them. The pocket squares did not fare much better. I think my generation is seriously missing some basic skills.

The girls were much easier to shoot as they were essentially done with hair and makeup by the time I arrived. While we waited for Ali’s mom to arrive, I took some time to knock out shots of the dress, shoes, and rings. Back to my trusty MagMods, this time using combinations of the Magsphere with ¼ CTO gel and a couple of MagGrids.

Outdoor ceremonies are wonderful when the conditions are right. The weather has to cooperate, venue space has to be scenic to match the season, and the local trains need to wear muzzles. I think Ali’s dad had to wait 5 whole minutes before “giving her away” to Rob because a local locomotive blared it’s horn as it passed through town. The rabbi tried to speak between blasts, but ended up just waiting for it to pass. Needless to say, it’ll be a funny moment that everyone remembers for a long time!

Next, arguably the biggest challenge of the whole day: Ali and Rob wanted a picture of the entire wedding attendance together. Queue herding 80 or so cats. As everyone was milling around, trying to figure out where cocktail hour was being held, I did my usual announcement “jerk-authority” that established me as the professional in charge. It’s not a Shut up and listen thing, as much as a If you want to drink and get through this quickly, you’ll listen to me. I have yet to do a wedding where someone didn’t compliment me on this sometime later that same evening. We ended up knocking out the giant photo of the entire wedding group in 5, count ‘em FIVE, minutes. After that, we did the family and bridal party photos before wrapping up with just Ali and Rob. This is where the MagMod system really came to life, allowing me to get some really dynamic images.

Minus one of my flashes taking a fall and breaking (thank goodness it was only the cheap knock off brand), the rest of the night went fast and was so much fun. Ali and Rob created a kick-ass playlist and the party roared on into the night. By 1AM I was back in my hotel room with downloaded, backed-up images, and packed bags. I got about 5 hours of sleep before getting a ride to the airport for my 8AM flight. Touchdown in Atlanta at 10AM. It was a whirlwind, but an absolute blast of a weekend.

Congrats again to Ali and Rob and I hope you guys enjoy your honeymoon in Spain!

Below are the amazing vendors who helped make this weekend possible:

Wedding Planner: Noel Brown of Medallion Occasion

DJ: Michael of DJ Innovations [Instagram: @djinnovations]

Hair: Monica McWilliams

Makeup: Mercedes of Makeup by Mer [Instagram: @makeupbymer]

Venue: Sundy House with Tom Rasmussen as Catering Director

Cake: Two Fat Cookies [Instagram: @twofatcookies]

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