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A Muggy Engagement Session with Ryan & Kimberle


You know that expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? That embodied my latest engagement session with Ryan and Kimberle to a tee.

Kimberle contacted me a few weeks ago asking for photos, so we scheduled a weekend and started talking locations. Ryan and Kimberle wanted a rustic look, which you would think is pretty easy to do in Georgia.  It is, if you’re willing to pay. Most photographic, rustic locations are private property - and that means a cover charge is necessary. I’ve never done a true rustic location shoot, so I immediately hit the interwebs and my network of photography buddies to find the best options. I came away with two: Serenbe Farms and Sope Creek Falls.

Location was the first lemon we were given. Serenbe is a very well known, absolutely gorgeous farm southwest of Atlanta. At first it seemed like if I wanted to get amazing photos at a rustic location, then I had to go to Serenbe. Problem was: they wouldn’t get back to me. I left a ton of voicemails and emails the week leading up to our shoot (probably my fault for not getting on the horn earlier on) and didn’t hear anything. Sope Creek, on the other hand, is very unique, beautiful, and is based around a worn down cotton mill. Sope Creek is a public park, whereas Serenbe is private property. Kimberle and Ryan really, and I mean really, wanted Serenbe, but without hearing anything from them, I couldn’t set up our shoot there.

The second lemon was the weather. The past few weeks in Georgia were nothing but mist, rain, and just utter ugliness. The weekend we chose was looking to be the same. But Mike, why didn’t you ask to reschedule? Trust me, I wanted too; except Ryan goes to school over 2 hours away and getting away for a weekend was a major chore. Therefore; no rescheduling.

With no word from Serenbe and Ryan’s limited schedule, we ended up shooting at Sope Creek on the day we originally scheduled and brought umbrellas. Let me tell you, that lemonade tasted Goooooood. The weather held out, only barely misting at a few moments, and because it was overcast, I got freaking gorgeous tones and even lighting. Ryan was your typical, “I’m a guy and I don’t like doing pictures.” Well, once he saw that beaten up, old cotton mill, he was totally in the zone and we got some great shots. It’s amazing what gets people revved up and cooperative. Kimberle and Ryan were a blast to work with, and everything went super easily.

Minus the fact that it was really muggy, it was a fantastic session and I’m so glad we pushed through and made the best of it.

Oh, and when I got in my car after the shoot, I had a voicemail from Serenbe with their proper contact information and information on how to book through them. …… Oh well - next time!

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