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2016 in Review


Well, that just happened.

2016 was absolutely incredible for me as a person and as a photographer. Looking back, there are A LOT of things I did well and not so well. I’m trying out this thing called “Optimism” which is a weird thing for me, but it’s nice to feel good about everything I’ve accomplished.

Having said that, I always want to get better and be better - as an individual human being and as a working photographer. So on top of the hours of workshops and classes I watch and sit through, I send out feedback surveys to all of my clients after our sessions. I do this 1) to help serve as advertising to potential clients when I do a good job and 2) to help me figure out what I need to improve on to make the next client experience even more amazing.

Here’s what my clients think I need to work on for 2017:

  1. Offer Mini Sessions for holidays and standard calendar events like graduations.

  2. Provide more direction for my second shooters.

  3. Offer a free print or product with my photo packages.

  4. Provide more feedback on the consequences of timeline decisions AKA “If you do this, we won’t have as much time for those creative portraits. Is that okay?”

  5. Come up with more phrases other than “Cool beans” and “Fantastic” (Seriously, that’s what they wrote).

And that’s it…..

So clearly I’m asking for feedback when my Clients are still euphoric from their images, or they’re all lying to me. Or just maybe, I’m actually getting pretty good at this photography thing!

Beyond what my Clients have noted, I’ve got some additional items I want to tackle based on my own observations:

  1. Work on my sales pitch.

  2. Provide more information about how purchasing albums, prints, and other product works during the initial consultation meeting.

  3. Get faster at my quick draw AKA lifting my camera so I can snag fleeting, candid moments.

  4. Taking more calculated chances and getting more involved in the action.

  5. Improve on detail shots (rings, bouquets, shoes, plate settings, etc.).

  6. Take more creative images (dynamically lit portraits, impactful posing, and a wider range of tight vs environmental images).

I’m sure I’ll add to this list as the year progresses because I always want to find new challenges and learn, but these are the major points for now.

What do you think? Comment below if there are other things I should work on based on my portfolio or even these blog posts!

Here’s to 2017 and hoping that Betty White can hold out for another year!