The Hunt

    It took hours. It was painful. It made me angry and it made me happy. It made me lose sleep from frustration and deep thought. And it annoyed my friends to no end. All of this due to my partaking in a monster challenge.

The 2014 Summer-sational Photography Scavenger Hunt

   A year or two ago, Chrysta Rae decided she wanted to promote and share photography in a new way. So she came up with a scavenger hunt hosted on Google+. Fast-forward to the present, and the competition has grown tremendously. She has limited the competition to the first 500 people to sign up, and has had to bring on additional judges and associates to organize and collect the images.

    The hunt works like this: Everyone gets the same list of 10 words or phrases and then have a month to submit one photo per item. Photoshop is allowed, as are any techniques or methods that fall under the scope of photography. The images are collected and organized by Chrysta and her team and then are sent to the judges. The judges rank their top three for each item, and then the winners are picked. After the judging is finished, Chrysta posts all the submitted images to albums, organized by list item, for all contestants to see. The winners are announced and everyone rejoices before getting excited for the next hunt to be opened! For those who have not done the math already: 500 photographers X 10 images = 5,000 images to sort and judge. Oh, and Chrysta and her associates do this for no pay. Kind of awesome.

    I was told of this Hunt by a cast member and friend, Ariel, in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the musical I performed in over the summer. The idea sounded awesome and I was blown away by the submissions from past hunts. Me being me though, I wasn't sure I would participate in the upcoming challenge. Well, one of our set building days happened to overlap with the sign up time for this most recent hunt. Ariel asked if I was going to do it, and I naturally kept up my indecisive stance. Gotta work on that self-confidence thing. Well, she didn't give me much choice, and signed me up by proxy. I actually got really excited when I joined the group online and read up more about it. I owe Ariel big time after completing this challenge, because it was such a great, addicting experience for me.

    Now that my images are submitted and have been collected for judging, I can finally share and talk about them! The concepts are pretty straight forward, and I got some great feedback from my designated "collector."



Thank you Ty for providing such wonderful moments and facial expressions. This is a perfect example of why its great to always have your camera with you!


Perfect Summer Day

My roommate and her boyfriend are awesome. Craig was blown away when I made his shirt neon green in Photoshop just to prove I could!

Childhood Memory

Seriously, who didn't cry during Toy Story 3?

Ice Cream Cone

Product photography with items that melt is a royal pain. 3 hours of setup for 10 minutes of shooting. Also, make sure you have a tarp handy when working with stuff that drips. That carpet stain will come out, right?

The Letter B

I had no freaking clue what to do; I could not come up with anything for this. Hence a composite self-portrait with a Flying V of B's.....

My City

I've lived in Georgia for the vast majority of my life. I'll always maintain I'm from New York though.

My Worst Habit

I actually can't show this image, even though it's arguably one of my all time best pictures. The model, my very trusting friend who doesn't want her face all over the web in this attire, asked that the image remain in my portfolio and just the photo competition. The image is a nun in lingerie. A nun's head piece is called a habit.

Red Fruit

    This competition was such a fun undertaking. I don't even care if I win anything, let alone place. For me, I was excited about having a project to test and stretch my abilities. It was a lot of fun spending the first couple of days coming up with concepts, set and props list, a schedule, and contacting my friends to prepare and make these images happen. And then of course freaking out and adapting to stuff inevitably going wrong or changing last minute. It was infuriating at times, but it's also been incredibly rewarding. As I mentioned in my previous post, if you have the chance to participate in a photography scavenger hunt, I highly recommend doing it. You will learn and grow so much as a photographer, and probably have a lot of fun while doing it!

    Now I wait for the results of this hunt and then the announcement for the next! If you're interested in participating, leave a comment or send me a message and I'll make sure to provide the information for the upcoming hunt! You can be any level of experience for this competition. It's all about having fun and pushing yourself to learn and get better!

Mike Glatzer

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