Playing Catch Up

     Holy crap, it's really been a while since I did one of these. I sincerely apologize to my vast constituency (HA, AKA my family and various friends) for the delay. My last post dealt with growing pains, experimenting, and not sitting on my laurels as a photographer. I can gladly say I have done exactly that! As in, I've been creative and experimenting a lot recently. Instead of making this a long winded tale as I'm known to do, I'll simply write a small quip about each major item. Assuming I can remember them all, GAH.

     The first item is simply a continuation of the ACT1 pictures I did for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I was tasked with 3 major shots, but the key image was getting the finale coat in all it's glory. We tried two different methods of twirling to show off the coat, and I really like both. Big thanks to Ty Autry for helping me figure out how to get that monster fanning of the coat. I used my go-to, simple three light set up once again - two 24x24" softboxes as rim lights and one 45" umbrella over my shoulder as the front fill. I really do love this set up as it allows for a lot of control to create numerous variations in the finished look. It's always a blast to work with Bobby and we knocked these images out without minimal hassle. Hopefully I can get him to do a new series with his Cyr Wheel!

    The next series, I can't even show the pictures for yet! I was signed up for a Photography Scavenger Hunt and am still waiting on the images to be reviewed and judged. Participants are not allowed to show off their images until the moderators say so. Lucky for me, it's a good excuse to create another blog post! Muahahahaha. For those who don’t know, a photography scavenger hunt is like a regular scavenger hunt, but with photos. You get a list of words or phrases and then you have to take one picture per item. The picture can be any interpretation of that word or phrase and Photoshop is totally legal. You submit your images and then let the judging commence! If you have the opportunity to do a photography scavenger hunt - I highly recommend it. It was a blast and really forced me to be creative in multiple facets of photography. Do it, do it now.

    The last major item was absolutely nuts -Dragon Con. For those who don't know, Dragon Con is essentially nerd nirvana. It's a four day sci-fi event that has panels of writers, actors, directors, etc of hit shows like Firefly, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, anime, and everything else you could possible think of. Now, you can't talk sci-fi without being it, so of course there are also costume contests. Not everyone enters, but they still want to join in the fun, thus more people than not, by heavy majority, are all in costumes (nearly all are hand made). It is truly unbelievable and pictures will never do it justice. There must have been 75,000 people in downtown Atlanta between 4 hotels, and all of them were for Dragon Con. I really enjoyed taking pictures especially since everyone in costume is more than happy to be photographed. Let's face it, you dress up to be seen, right?

    My favorite event was the Dragon Con Parade. It happens on Saturday morning and goes about a mile through downtown. It was a full hour of people in costumes, most of them in character. I had a great spot on the corner, and thank goodness I got there 30 minutes before it started. The sidewalks were packed 6 and 7 rows deep with people, many of which were bystanders waiting on the GT vs Wofford or Alabama vs West Virginia football games to start. This event happens every Labor Day weekend and people come from all over the country. It's unreal. Next year, I think I'll just go to the parade though; I got a bit nerd-ed out! Says the Georgia Tech alumni who spent Friday nights playing Starcraft with his roommates. Anyways! I saw a bunch of fantastic costumes, sweated my ass off for 2 straight days, and got some fun pictures. I also got a TON of positive feedback. My friend posted my album onto the official Dragon Con Facebook page and I've received so many compliments it's been absolutely mind blowing. The best "share" was headlined, "Really great collection of costume shots by someone with an actual camera and the knowledge to use it!" Day = Made

     The best image of the weekend is a sequence of images I did of my friend's costume. We're both huge Doctor Who fans, and Savannah and her dad created a dynamic costume with a big reveal, based on a transformation in the episode, "Asylum of the Daleks." Not only did she completely blow away a panel for British TV, she also managed to get this image posted on the official Doctor Who page on Facebook. Within an hour, it had 13,500 likes, 218 comments, and 1,370 shares - clearly people loved the concept of the costume.  I told Savannah that we have to do an actual photoshoot with this monstrous contraption and she gladly agreed. I already have the concept and it should be fantastic. In the meantime, here's the image that's going viral amongst Whovians on Facebook!

     It's been a crazy and fun couple of weeks.  I'm really looking forward to the next two months though! I've got two weddings and a trip to Jasper National Park in Canada coming up. They should be an absolute blast. Hopefully I get another post in before then! AHHH!

Mike Glatzer

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