Get annoyed going from Black Rapid to Tripod?

A lot of photographers I know hate the traditional camera strap. Its annoying, its cumbersome, and not terribly comfortable. The answer - get a new style of strap. I'm a huge fan of the Black Rapid series. The sling style design is really comfortable, and its not annoying to use - mostly. There is a caveat.

For those of you who carry your main or spare body on a Black Rapid strap, and then suddenly find the need to slap it on your tripod, you really hate the transition. First you curse under your breath, then unscrew the mount, and then put the camera on the tripod. This is worrying because the constant removal and attachment of the screw mount makes you worry about how secure it really is. Plus its annoying to keep lining up the darn screw.

It gets more confounding when you have a lens plate or camera plate on your set up. Not all plates have thread holes for the Black Rapid mount. The current solution to this problem is to snag an extra locking plate, like the Really Right Stuff B2-FAB clamp. 

This is a great solution, however you still gotta take off the stupid clamp to use the tripod!  Well another solution is here. I just stumbled upon a product that will soon find its way to Kickstarter.  

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 7.41.35 PM.png

Fusion Photo Gear has come out with a Acra-Swiss style plate that has a mounting ring that flips out when you want to use the strap, but hides away into the plate when you want to use a tripod. Just unhook the strap and a spring snaps the ring into place and you're ready to go. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 7.45.50 PM.png

Here's the video for it.  

This is a fantastic idea and one that I'm sure a lot of people may go for. The price is greater than what's available for competitive products, around $70, but that's most likely because this has more parts and assembly than a typical plate, and because small time vendors have a hard time matching market price due to economy of scale (wow, I remembered something from my Economics class). 

A lot of people will stick with the Really Right Stuff clamp solution, simply because you can still use whatever plate you choose on your camera/lens. And overall, it's pretty painless to remove/attach. Also, the Fusion plate does not come in an L-Bracket, which may be a deal breaker for many portrait and landscape photographers. Its still a nice option to have on the market and a great piece of innovation. I wish them luck!

Mike Glatzer

Mike Glatzer Photography, Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States