Burning Out

As a photographer, you're always trying to do new things and stretch your imagination. While this seems like a typical task for someone in this profession, it's really quite a major requirement.

I've had spells where I'm tired of photography because I've been doing headshots for 3 straight weekends and since I have to deliver a specific product, I can't stray much from the typical requirements. And that's fine; a paid job is not the time to try a new technique without prior testing. It's rude to your subject, it's rude to their wallet, and it's not worth risking the entire shoot.

But you have to take time to do the photos YOU wanna do. Even if they're retarded or weird, or just plain out there. You have to let your imagination out of the box and satisfy your thirst for zaniness and experimentation. And beyond just trying new things, it'll help shake up your hum-drum shooting spree and get you excited again. It's a great release from being a responsible contractor and it gets you back to where you started with this hobby: someone wanting to create beautiful images that gets you excited about what you're doing. You gotta go back to those roots and do photography just for you. It recharges your batteries, makes you wanna go back to the routine shoots, but most of all keeps you sane and loving what you do.

Mike Glatzer

Mike Glatzer Photography, Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States