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About Mike

I first picked up a camera on a cloudy day at 15 years old with my Uncle. We were photographing Osprey, and as I took a turn behind the lens one flew by with a fish in its talons. My Uncle quickly pushed me into the dirt, grabbed the camera, and snagged the images. This dance repeated three more times before I finally said, “Dang it! I'm gonna nail that shot!”

I've been taking pictures ever since.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Biomedical Engineering degree and freaking loved it! But I found something missing from my life. I simply loved photography so much that I decided that the ability to pursue this wonderful and crazy passion was too much to ignore, so here I am. I look forward to every shoot I do because I get to meet so many new and incredible people. It's an amazing high to see my clients' faces light up over their pictures. What's even better are the stories embedded in those images. It's those experiences and memories that I cherish the most. Photography means remembering a great moment in life. To me, that's priceless.

I'm in this for the challenges, relationships, and stories.


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Random Facts for the Curious

Atlanta, GA wedding photographer, portrait, engagement photography, Mike Glatzer
Atlanta, GA wedding photographer, portrait, engagement photography, Mike Glatzer

Outside of photography, I'm your typical nerdy guy trying to appear normal enough to pass as your average Joe. FAIL! Yeah, try as I might, you'll realize I'm definitely a nerd. Anyways! When I don't have a camera in my hands I'm usually found doing any number of things:

  • Reading a murder mystery or a book on human psychology. Or just re-reading Harry Potter for the bajillionth time. 
  • Serving as a board member, singing, acting, dancing, building sets, or stage managing at my local community theater. Karaoke is also an option.
  • Trying to find a new show to binge on Netflix (Seriously, who actually has cable anymore? Also - they never should have made that extra season of Scrubs AKA Interns. Just. No.)  
  • Football. Lots and lots of NY Giants and Georgia Tech Football. Seattle should have given the ball to Lynch.
  • Abusing Pinterest for apartment style inspiration and lists of places I want to visit before I die. I may have to pick one or the other based on my tastes... Hmmm.
  • Trying to teach myself how to cook. HomeChef - try it; its amazing. 
  • Eating sushi, steak, or trying to find the best bowl of Paella in the Southeast.
  • Brunch on a sunny day. A Bloody Mary, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. The best meal EVER. Ahem.

Seriously though, if you just want to grab coffee to sit outside and talk about Game of Thrones, Netflix Comic Book based series, or football - I'm game.